In the spirit of Earth Day, this interactive set of 3D artwork aims to connect with our community by showcasing the sustainability achievements of CrossIron Mills. Each panel of artwork represents one piece of a larger whole, reflecting CrossIron's multi-faceted approach to promoting a healthy future for our community and planet by increasing technological efficiency and implementing waste reduction measures. Bright colours, organic forms, and joyful figures combine and interlock, encouraging engagement and discovery from viewers of all ages.
Continuing the visual theme of organic shape, the tote-bag designs play with flowing and interconnecting lines in the form of roots, stems, petals, and leaves, representing the simultaneous fluidity and resiliency of nature.
Project in collaboration with PARK Production House, CrossIron Mills, and the Alberta Council for Environmental Education
Eco Hub structure outer mural and pledge wall design by Madeline Yee
Eco Hub structure interior recycled can mural by Tyler Lemermeyer
Photos by Devon Rogers
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